How to Say “I’m Confident” Without Saying a Word

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Body Talk
The fastest way to ensure a positive impression is to have body language that tells people how they should perceive you.

If you want to be SEEN as one who is confident and competent, then you must have the LOOK of someone who is confident and competent.

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Smile a While
Smile. Nonstop. It’s contagious.

And not only does a smile make you look more pleasant, but it gives you an air of confidence.

Eye See You
Give direct face contact — not just eye contact — every time someone speaks to you.

This is the most effective way to ensure you look in total command although you are not the one speaking, and it’s the most effective means for demonstrating your unshakable focus. You’re telling your listener “I see you, and I hear you.”

Walk That Walk
You have just a few seconds (seven to 10 seconds according to many sources) to make an impression on a person, and how you walk into a room is a part of that judgment.

Head up, shoulders back, eyes laser-focused, and a friendly but confident smile send silent messages to everyone “listening” and watching that you have pride in yourself.

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My Final Two Cents

You do not have to put into place all of these strategies all at once. Start with the one that feels the easiest to implement, then once you have that one on autopilot, add another one until they all become how you show up in the world. Do I practice these? You bet your boots I do. Which one is the easiest for me? Probably Smile a While (Do you hear “Smile” by Scarface and Tupac in your head right now, or am I alone on this one?) and Walk That Walk. Which one gives me the greatest challenge? It’s the eye contact one. I have no idea, but it has always felt very strange to ostensibly stare at a person even when she/he is talking to me (and it’s similarly uncomfortable when a person constantly stares at me while I’m talking, especially if I have a lot to say … it feels too personal … almost as if you’re trying to look into my soul! Eek!) That’s why I came up with that strategy of looking at different points on a person’s face to make it a bit less painful.



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